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Firth Porous Pave

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Firth Porous Pave

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Please allow an extra 6% on your order for possible cutting, breakages or freight damage.

You will need: of your selected tile size – if you add an extra 6%.

Firth PorousPave is one of the paver options in the Firth EcoPave
System. The paver has a very open texture which allows water to filter
through it to the underlying drainage medium. 80mm paver ideal for
paths, patios, light residential traffic areas and public footpaths.

50 units per m2. 480 pavers fit on 1x pallet.

Colours available
• Black Sands
• Natural


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SEALING: Sealing the paver will enhance durability, colour and the ease of cleaning and maintenance. All Classic Collection pavers
are delivered unsealed. Firth recommends using a water based acrylic sealant. It is the responsibility of the installer to seal this range.

Colour: Please keep in mind when you are choosing Firth Paving and retaining products, you are dealing with a natural
material that can be influenced by a number of factors. While every care has been taken to obtain an accurate representation, 
the aggregates and oxides used to create these products are natural products and as a result some variations will occur.
 Variations between North and South Island manufactured products will occur due to locally sourced materials.

Purchase Options

Colour W L H
Firth - Black Sands 100mm 200mm 80mm
Firth - Natural 100mm 200mm 80mm

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