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We sell the largest range of Permeable Paving to suit your needs...

Reduce rainfall runoff from hard surfaces, decreasing the demand on drainage systems.

• Recharge natural ground aquifers when using the infiltration system.

• Improved hydrological management of storm water peak flow by holding and releasing in a controlled manner.

• May filter runoff water by removing heavy metals such as Zinc and Copper through cationic exchange when using greywacke base course aggregates.

• Reduce the need for retention structures (e.g. ground sumps, ponds or dams) and maximise land use by retaining water within the system.

• This process can also assist in reducing the temperature of the run off water before it reaches the rivers

Permeable pavements are hard surface paving systems that reduce stormwater runoff flows and improve runoff water quality. The porous surface of permeable pavement allows stormwater to soak through to an underlying coarse gravel layer, before slowly draining away.

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Storm Water Management –
This product range is one of the solutions for storm water management in the proposed unitary plan.

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