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Please allow an extra 6% on your order for possible cutting, breakages or freight damage.

You will need: of your selected tile size – if you add an extra 6%.

Split Granite Paver

These pavers come with the appearance of granite and come in a low-glare and non-skid  finish. The Split Granite mould is taken off Himalayan sandstone.

These pavers have been slip resistance tested by Opus. Available on request.

Available as 4 standard sizes and 5 designer colours

• 500x500x40mm
• 500x360x40mm
• 550x550x40mm
• 600x600x40mm

• Bluestone • Charcoal • Clay • Natural • Sandstone

600x600 2.7 pavers per m2. 32 pavers fit on 1 pallet
550x550 3.3 pavers per m2. 40 pavers fit on 1 pallet
550x360 5.0 pavers per m2. 56 pavers fit on 1 pallet.
500x500 4.0 pavers per m2. 40 pavers fit on 1 pallet.

• Choose from the range of appealing paver styles

• Paver designs created using unique master moulds
• Looks like real stone !

Generally available within 3-4 days of ordering if out of stock please allow 4 weeks for delivery approx.

Talk to us about your project - we have have many options available - phone 0508 MIGHTY.

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We recommend sealing all pavers to enhance longevity, protect the paver and be more durable in the open environment. These pavers are delivered unsealed. It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure the application of their selected sealant is done in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Purchase Options

Colour W L H
INN-NATURAL 600mm 600mm 40mm
INN-BLUESTONE 600mm 600mm 40mm
INN-CHARCOAL 600mm 600mm 40mm
INN-SANDSTONE 600mm 600mm 40mm
INN-NATURAL 550mm 550mm 40mm
INN-BLUESTONE 550mm 550mm 40mm
INN-CHARCOAL 550mm 550mm 40mm
INN-SANDSTONE 550mm 550mm 40mm
INN-SANDSTONE 500mm 500mm 40mm
INN-CHARCOAL 500mm 500mm 40mm
INN-NATURAL 500mm 500mm 40mm
INN-BLUESTONE 500mm 500mm 40mm
INN-BLUESTONE 550mm 360mm 40mm
INN-NATURAL 550mm 360mm 40mm
INN-CHARCOAL 550mm 360mm 40mm
INN-SANDSTONE 550mm 360mm 40mm

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